Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Trey!

Today my wonderful husband turns 29... yes, I married a younger man. I thought I'd do a quick list of 29 things that I love about Trey. They are in no particular order, I just typed as they came to me.

1. His laugh
2. He loves the Lord
3. He is smart
4. He is HOT!
5. His eyes
6. He is an amazing dad
7. He truly loves me
8. He is great with finances
9. He is devoted
10. He is getting healthy
11. He works very hard
12. He takes care of me
13. He is a great kisser
14. He loves SEC football
15. He likes to read/collect books
16. He is great with technology
17. He is an amazing teacher/communicator
18. He is a pastor
19. He does dishes
20. He is dedicated to God's calling on his life
21. He leads our family
22. He loves sushi
23. He loves good music
24. He teaches our boys
25. He is honest
26. He loves me unconditionally
27. He listens
28. He sings in the shower
29. He is my very best friend!

Honestly, this list took about 2 minutes to make so I'm sure I could do a top 100 in no time. Trey, you are an amazing husband and father. I consider myself blessed to be your wife and I fall more in love with you everyday. Thank you for being you and always striving to seek what God has planned for our life together. Hope you have a happy 29th birthday, I love you so much!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The results are in...

Jonathan had an appointment with an allergist today. I'm not really sure if I thought all that much about it until I was in the room and started asking questions... I already knew he couldn't eat dairy, and was pretty sure I could add egg to the list. Unfortunately, we can also add peanuts. We are armed with an epi-pen since we aren't sure how severe the peanut allergy could be. Thankfully we have seen children with much worse reactions do just fine in day to day life and I know I can call on those friends for help if needed! I think I was a little sad today as we entered this new world of unknowns with Jonathan, but I also feel a peace. God is protecting Jon and guiding us as parents, allergies or no allergies. God is bigger than this and He is in control of Jon's life. We are educating ourselves as much as possible on how to handle reactions and, most importantly, how to prevent them (thanks to Ellie, I've known how to read labels and administer an epi-pen for years!). We do ask for your prayers of protection for Jonathan as we educate those who share this wonderful, crazy life with us! It's another new normal...

Friday, December 12, 2008


O.K. So in my earlier post on "Getting to know David, age 3", I failed to mention that he STILL slept with his "my". For those who don't know that is what he called his beloved paci. Yes, we still allowed him to go to sleep with the thing! See, for the past 3 years of his life, David would ASK to go to bed so he could have his "my". I think we were all attached to it! Well, we decided that he needed to once and for all get rid of the "my". So, when David's elf, Zee, began visiting our house he surprised us with a letter from Santa *grin*. He asked for the paci so he could take it to a baby reindeer at the North Pole. Though there were lots of tears and prayers to be brave, David gave Zee his "my" and tearfully went to sleep. It has been 3 nights and I think we might all actually make it through... he has been up earlier than usual, but for the most part it has gone smoothly. We have been very busy and I plan to keep it that way for the next few days. We have tons of projects we are working on and lots of gifts to wrap, and David is my constant little helper! Santa also sent a few of his gifts early, so he has been distracted. I am so proud of him... we are the ones at fault for letting him keep it for so long. He was very brave to give it up!

Zee and the special letter from Santa!

Goodbye, MY!

Aunt B and Uncle Matt get MARRIED!

Last weekend, my sister Brittany was married. We had a wonderful time and Brittany was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen! They make such a cute couple! We were very busy... each of our little family of 4 had a job. Trey performed the ceremony (which was amazing), I was the matron of honor (and forgot the ring!), David was a bell ringer, and Jon rode in a special white wagon to announce the bride with his cousins and brother. Therefore, I did not get to take many pictures. I even stole a few of these from my sweet cousin Hope (thanks!). Maybe I'll be able to post some of the ones the photographer took when Brittany and Matt get them.

Bayler walked Aunt B down the aisle with my dad... It was very sweet!

Me and my baby sister before the wedding. Isn't she beautiful?!?

Me and 2 out of 3 of my boys!

Just a little of the great family members we were able to hang out with at the reception. We had a wonderful weekend and can't wait to see Brittany and Matt soon. They are on their honeymoon in St. Lucia! We love you both!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jonathan's first birthday!

Jon had a wonderful first birthday. Since it was the day before Thanksgiving, we traveled to Bishopville to be with my family. Here are a few shots of our dramatic little one...

This is pretty much what he thought about the singing and candle...

I believe he is thinking "Dee Dee and Daddy T, would you please rescue me!"

Of course big brother blew out the candle for our 1 year old!!!

Dee Dee and Bayler decorated everything for our Jon Jon! He loved the balloons. Bayler couldn't be there due to Jonathan recovering from sickness, but we enjoyed seeing Aunt B, Uncle Matt, Uncle Rob, Aunt Risha, and Bridges. Thanks you guys for making Jon's birthday so special!

Jonathan's first year!

I can't believe this little baby has turned into my big one year old!!! We are over the moon in love with you, Jon! Your personality is captivating and you are our little charmer. You flirt with everyone you meet and tilt your head to the side as if to say "yeah, you want to say hi to me!". You point to everything and are talking in your own language... a language that David thinks he understands! He will translate for you if I don't respond when you are babbling. David loves you so much and you are in awe of him as well! You guys tackle each other often and like throwing stuffed animals at one another. When you are not playing with David you like to read books. You will sit with a book and turn the pages while talking out loud. You love reading bedtime stories with me as well. You have always had a very dramatic personality and as you grow, the drama is increasing! If we tell you "no" or take something away, you will crumble to the floor in a heap and cry as if we just ended your life! You are passionate and we love that about you. You love to eat, though you are limited due to a number of allergies. You sleep well at night and would still like to have 2 naps a day, but most of the time you only get 1 because you won't sleep at school. You LOVE to dance and like it when we are watching you do so! You are amazing, wild, happy, and dramatic. We pray God continues to be glorified through your little life and that we see His hand in who you are becoming!!!

Other fun stats at age one:

Weight: 24 lbs. (75 %)
Height: 32 inches (90 %)
Head: Can't remember, but know it was over 95 %
Favorite book: Tractors, Goodnight Moon, The Wiggles, 5 Little Ladybugs
Favorite food: Crackers, carrots, Soy milk, popsicles
Favorite toy: anything David is holding, Little People Nativity, Sit and Spin Horse, blocks, balls
Lovies? YES! A yellow blanket and a paci (see below)
TV? No interest at all!
Car rides? HATES them... and we travel by car a lot now!
Allergies? Dairy, Eggs, Strawberries... that we know of for now.
Walking? Nope, he can but he would rather crawl!
Climber? You bet!
Cuddles? He is so loving and will give hugs all day long!

Here are some of my favorite pics over the year:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Isn't he...

just about the cutest thing you've ever seen :)? I had big plans for a post about this little guys first year of life, but we are happily busy right now. Aunt B (my sister, Brittany) is getting married Saturday and we are all getting ready for the big day. I will post pictures and share all the posts that I need to catch up on when we return!

*Mimi and Boo Boo, I tried to add the pictures of the boys on their toy and in their pj's but blogger is being stubborn... I'll try again soon!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One year ago today...

I was pacing the floor at 4 am. I thought I could be experiencing early labor, but I wasn't really sure. My due date was December 4th, but I knew I wouldn't make it another week. I had an appointment that morning to see Dr.Mendez at 8:30. If I was far enough along he would keep me and we'd finally get to meet our sweet new baby boy!

When I arrived at the doctor's office, I was at 5 cm... who knew?!? They sent me over to the labor/delivery floor and then I realized I made a HUGE mistake. Apparently with David I had pre-registered. Well, I guess I didn't think about it this time and it took FOREVER to get my paperwork completed, therefore it took a long time to get my epidural. I think I was already at 6cm when I got the wonder medicine! Trey CLAIMS I asked everyone, from the janitor to the intern, if they could administer an epidural. I think he was a little embarrased! After the pain meds kicked in the rest was smooth sailing. I slept a little and then it was time to push. Less than 5 minutes later, at 4:03 pm our 8 lbs, 9 oz. baby boy was here!
We couldn't believe how big you were and I noticed you cried right away. You had dark brown eyes from the beginning and they have only gotten darker as you've grown. Your hands were and still are huge and you had the broadest shoulders. We were just so thrilled you were here and healthy. To God be the glory!
Oh, it is truly amazing that you love someone so much, so quickly! I think my first words after you were born were "I DO love you as much as David"... and I hadn't even held you yet! I remember your sweet smell after your bath and how long your fingernails were. You nursed like a champ right away and were so cuddly, even though you were a newborn.

Daddy was just as excited as I was. He had been a little nervous with David as a newborn, but he hardly waited until they had you all wrapped up before he held you. We were so happy to have you in our arms!

We had an amazing first night. We had tons of visitors and even a little "party" with Jake, Anne, Dianne, and David. Our friends are so precious! I will never forget sharing that important day with them and how special they made us feel... we love and miss you guys so much!!!

Daddy and I enjoyed our one on one time with you in the hospital, but I know by far my favorite moment after your arrival was...

the look on David's face when he first saw you! I know most 2 year olds don't seem to pay much attention to babies, but I think he KNEW how much he loved you from that first day. His face lit up and he wouldn't stop giggling. I am so happy God saw it fit that our family include 2 amazing little boys!

We love you so much Jonathan and can't wait to see how God continues to shape and mold you. You are truly a gift to us and we are so thankful to have you in our lives!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting to know David, age 3

David is quite the little character. God has certainly given David a determined spirit and his little quirks are so funny. For the most part he likes to please us and obey... we talk a lot about how God expects him to obey us and in return he is obeying Him while learning right from wrong. Some days are better than others. Whining seems to have slipped back into his daily life right now, but for the most part David is a great kid with tunnel vision and a passion for having fun (in an all boy way!). He is rough and tumble, yet loves to give Jonathan kisses. He really enjoys school and has a new buddy, Jackson, that is so nice. He seems to do well in 3K, even though he is the youngest in the class. He is certainly not a follower, in fact I think he teachers would more say he is the entertainer of the group :). He loves to giggle and has the most amazing laugh (that he gets from his amazing dad!). He has his own unique accent and scrunches up his face a little when he asks questions, it is so cute! Day to day life with David is simply amazing. He makes us laugh and want to pull out our hair, all in one breath! If David asks a question and you don't answer right away, he just keeps asking until you do answer and then if he doesn't really like the reply, he will continue to ask why, over and over. He likes the "cold side of the pillow" when he is falling asleep and plays "back-ets-ball" with his daddy once a week at our rec. center. David loves puzzles and music. If he smells something different, he says "I smell wike somefing" and if it is cold outside, he says it is "coldy" (you know, just like it's sunny, ha). David likes to build castles and "turn-els" for Jonathan to tear down and he LOVES to sneak out of bed and watch us from the landing upstairs. He is a horrible bed partner, but a great helper in the kitchen and has a sweet tooth that we have to watch. But most importantly, David is David and we wouldn't change him for the world!

And now for some more fun I thought I'd do a little Q&A with the little man himself:

Me: "What is your favorite food? "
D: "Well,I don't like broccoli, but I do like donuts. I like those the best!"

Me: "What is your favorite movie?"
D: "Madagascar 2, I fink"

Me: "What is your favorite toy right now?"
D: "Does Incredible Hulk hands, you know what I'm talking about?" *scrunches up his face*

D: Wait, lets not talk about fings right now."

And there you have it. I was just about to ask some deeper questions, but he isn't in the mood right now. I'll try again later...

David and his bud Jackson on "Kalloween"!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Kalloween" 2008

I'm not sure what is going on, but I couldn't seem to get our pictures in order. I'm posting them anyway... and special thanks to Jessica for her suggestion on another way to post pictures. I plan to try it soon!
This halloween (David still says kalloween, hence the title) we had a great time with family! Dee Dee and Daddy T came trick or treating with us and then treated Trey and I by taking the boys to their beach house for a night. Whoo-whoo, we got to sleep in!
Jonathan had 2 costumes. One cooler costume for his school party/festival and a warmer one for trick or treating. I loved this little lion one, Trey hated it. I think he looks so cute!

What a little ham!

David and I did lots of fun projects. He is really getting so big. The plus to this is that he pays attention longer and enjoys doing things like baking cookies with me. He was having a great time playing in the flour!

He was so dirty!

We also carved our first jack-o-lantern. He had a great time, even though he didn't take all the pulp out like I'd hoped!

He was so proud!

Our neighborhood really was the perfect size for trick or treating. We did one loop around and saw lots of people we meet from our cookout in early fall. David had a blast and would run back to us after he got candy and say "I got even more!!!". Jonathan also had a great time as a warm little dinosaur watching his big brother. I'm sure next year he'll be running around too. We are so glad Dee Dee and Daddy T joined us. We had a wonderful time!

*My dad shaved his head just like Bayler, he isn't THAT bald usually. What a sweet Daddy T!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blogger blues

So, the one night I make time to sit down and try to update our blog, it seems blogger has a different plan. I promised DeeDee that I would update the blog tonight and include all the fun we had on "Kalloween", yes David still calls it that! However, blogger is not cooperating (after 30 minutes of trying!) with pictures so I will have to wait until tomorrow. I did however want to ask for prayer for Bayler. He starts his 3rd round of chemo tomorrow and this round is suppose to be more powerful than the others. Please keep him in your prayers. He is such a sweet kiddo and is really fighting this battle hard!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

11 months

I really can't believe how last Jonathan is growing! I guess it seems like it happens so much faster because he is trying so hard to keep up with "Day-Day" as David calls himself :). Seriously, my boys LOVE each other! They tackle, hug, throw, and giggle together daily. Now that we are starting to have to "discipline" Jon a little (you know, don't touch the T.V. or climb on dangerous things...) David is so protective. Jonathan could care less that we are telling him no, but David will start crying and then Jon starts crying once David is sad! It is too funny. Here are some more fun things to note about our almost 1 year old:

Favorite game: tackling David
Favorite books: Animals on the Farm, Tractors, Goodnight Moon
Favorite food: crackers and his bottle
Favorite toy: anything David is playing with and a ball
Blanket? YES! He sleeps with a special yellow blanket all the time
Paci? Of course!
Cuddle bug? YES! And I LOVE it!
Smile often? yes, and oh it is infectious!
Teeth? 4 (2 bottom, 2 "fangs" on top) and seems to be cutting the top middle
Walking? SO close to taking off...
Sleeping through the night? Yes!
School? He is doing well at FPC. He loves his teachers and they seem to feel the same way :).

*I never posted his 10 month stats so here they are...
Weight: 22 lbs.
Height: 30 inches
Head: 18 3/4 inches

Jonathan is such a happy, sweet, huggable baby! He is dramatic (will lay on the floor with his face down flat and start to cry if he is made/sad) and a risk taker. Jon plays shy if you speak to him, but it is just a flirting game :). He turns his head sideways and smiles with his dimples showing... it melts my heart everytime. We are so in love with him and are thankful for the joy he brings to our lives!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Around here...

Dinner is impossible to make...

...because my boys love to be under my feet (or in the cabinets).

My phone doesn't always work...

...probably because it is Jon's favorite chew toy.

*Teething is brutal
*David is eating us out of house and home
*My house is NEVER really clean

BUT, I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY !!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

For Dr. Bramlett and taking steps...

Strange title, I know. I just wanted to document this little story and I thought Dr. Bramlett (my mom's boss, who is also a a dentist and family friend!) would get a kick out of it... so here is the story of our future dentist.

At school this week, David was playing on the playground with his friends. They include his new bud, Jackson, who is equally as sweet to David as David is to him and they play so well together... and David's "crush" Liza. Liza is a kindergartener who is so precious to David and plays with him on the playground. Well, being an older woman and all, Liza is losing teeth. Specifically her top front teeth. Apparently, she was showing David the "coolness" of a loose tooth and asked him if he wanted to wiggle it. Well, David reached in and pulled instead of wiggled and out popped her tooth! He just stood there frozen and in shock while Liza hugged him excitedly because it was out! She was jumping up and down yelling "thank you, thank you!". David finally kinda smiled and started sharing in the fun. He has been telling everyone he meets all week "I made 'W'iza's toof come out!". Maybe he will be a dentist one day!

And as far as the taking steps goes... Jonathan is officially taking confident steps at 10 months of age. He takes about 3 or 4 before he sits down. I think his motivation is trying to keep up with his big brother, oh he loves "Day" so much! Maybe he will be able to soon!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Go Bayler!

Yeah! Bayler got to come home for a few days today! We are so excited and wish we could see him. Saturday, David told me he wanted to get dressed in full uniform... pads, jersey, helment, "his fastest shoes". When we walked outside to play a little football, he said "Mama, I want to dress up like this and show Bayler I can be a big boy too. You think he'll like this go Gamecocks shirt?". So,we played a little football just for you Bayler Bean!

We are so proud of you and can't wait to see you soon! We love you Bayler!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So much to say...

but I have no time. So I'll just post some pictures of my little man because I don't want to forget a single detail about his precious self at this age!