Saturday, April 19, 2008


My friend Christa is taking a trip soon with her two little ones (hope you guys have fun!) and she posted on her site about this. The price is a bit much ($75) but I wonder if it would work... I am traveling alone with both boys again in June and would love to keep David strapped down :). Actually, he has flown so much with the freedom of just his lap belt, I'm not sure he would go for it... but soon I could use it for Jon and he wouldn't know the difference! Just a thought...

Friday, April 18, 2008

"Coach David"

A few weekends ago (actually, it was over a month...) we got to see Avery play soccer. Oh, my David was so excited! First of all, he LOVES Avery. And we all know how he is about sports, so the two of them combined was like heaven to him! What I didn't expect was the "coach" to come out in my little man. You can tell from this photo that he was very interested in the game! How cute is Avery???

He walked up and down the field repeating what Jake (Avery's dad) would say. He would shout "DEFENSE!" and follow the ball back and forth as the girls played.

I think he was yelling "good kick Avery" in this one!

Avery played hard!

After the game, David had a chance to play. I don't know much about soccer, but I was pretty impressed that he could run and kick the ball at the same time. He would chase it and kick it further as he was running. I think he ran for 30 straight minutes after the game. I can't wait until he can play sports for real!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

5 YEARS... with the one I love!

Today Trey and I celebrate our 5 year anniversary! In some ways I can't believe it has already been 5 years, but honestly I can hardly remember my life without Trey. I have loved sharing every minute of the last 5 years with him. The good, bad, ugly, hard, easy, and magical times have all been a blessing. In honor of the 5 years we've shared, I (easily) thought of 5 of my favorite things about my sweet hubby:

1. Trey is a hard worker... he serves Christ and others daily. I don't think either one of us could have imagined how God would use him at Keystone Church, yet I think he is amazing at his job. He puts Christ first and I see on a daily basis how that allows him to love me and others more.
2. Trey TRULY loves me... all of me. He puts up with every good and bad quality I bring to the table. He supports me and is my sounding board when I need to talk. He has been amazingly helpful as I try to figure out how to be a mother to 2 children (a rather hard transition for me). I know at the end of the day he will be there for me, no matter what!
3. He is a great dad. Our boys love him dearly! David's face still lights up when Trey comes home from work and he has the utmost respect for Trey. When I've lost it at the end of a long "mommy" day, Trey is often the one that makes it better. He is so encouraging with our boys and simply listening to him talk to them makes me realize how wonderful they are and I forget why I was so frustrated.
4. I love to watch comedies with Trey... his laugh is contagious and pure. In fact, he doesn't know it but most of the time I watch the shows just to hear him laugh. By the way, David shares the same amazing laugh :).
5. Trey is a wonderful leader. He leads our family in a loving, Christ-centered way. He teaches our boys, loves me, and provides all the financial support so that I can stay home (something we both want). I am thankful for his support and leadership in our home.

Below are 2 of my favorite days with Trey since we were married. I will never forget the look on his face when both boys were born...
David, 8.11.05

Jonathan, 11.26.07

...I am so glad God allows me to share these moments with someone so special. I love you more today than ever Trey. Thank you for being you and loving us so much!

Bath time.. together!!!

In an effort to make our night time routine go a little quicker I began bathing the boys together this week... and, of course, they love it! David is SO good with Jon... he washes his feet and legs while I do the head and face. He REALLY does a great job and cares for his brother so much! The reason he is eating a popsicle in the tub? Trey promised him one as a "tee tee treat". He went to the potty so he got to eat a popsicle! I just figured it was less messy in the tub :).

*Thanks so much for all the suggestions on how to help our current daily life... REALLY, I was so appreciative of the comments and here is what I'm doing for Jon now... I am taking Fenugreek, drinking lots of water, and adding a little formula to his night time bottle. He gets cereal in the am and pm, and I am not feeding him if he wakes during the night. He has done really well so far. He has almost stopped the 2 am date that was a ritual with me every night. Sometimes he has a hard time making it until 6 am, but I feel like a few more days and he'll be a pro! The hardest part is his precious smile. He is such a little sunshine... when he smiles, his whole body "lights up". I have a hard time leaving him to scream in the crib when I go in and he stops crying and starts smiling. Well, if its after 6 am at least. I am needing and benefiting from the extra consecutive sleep. I'll keep you posted on his next few nights!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting there...

Both boys are feeling a little better. We actually did make a visit to the doctor only to find out they both have bad head colds with fluid in the ears but they are not infected yet. David seems to be getting better and Jon is doing OK. I have been trying to figure out why my kiddos are always catching stuff and here are some reasons that are leading to some changes around our house:

1. LACK OF SLEEP! This includes me... I finally turned off the monitor last night! I am giving Jon a bottle at 10pm each night to insure he is nice and full. He woke up once last night and wouldn't settle down with the paci so I just let him work it out on his own. The next thing I knew it was 6 am! I feel better already today. I think I need to work on my milk supply again... when I pump I am only getting 4 oz. and Jon needs more if he is going to space out his feedings during the day and at night. I REALLY don't want to have to go to formula, I truly love nursing Jon-Jon.

2. DIET! I am a sucker for sweet tea and french fries (if you ever lived with me or spent any amount of time with me, you are probably laughing at this one!). But, I know we do not get enough veggies around here... fruit I can handle, veggies are harder. And it is especially hard on a budget. I'm working on this one and really want to start with some green smoothies for breakfast and salads at dinner time. This will probably help with the sleep portion since I now pledge to not skip meals (meaning hopefully more milk for Jon)... no matter how busy I am!

3. OUTSIDE TIME! It is finally getting warmer here and I think some fresh air will really help us. I have actually thought about planting a few veggies in the backyard, however I am a little intimidated since I can hardly keep house plants alive!

* I know this post is lacking some sweet pics of my kids, but blogger is not my friend tonight and since sleep is number one on this list, I am not going to fight it! Good night everyone and lets hope Jon has sleep-full night!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Last Night's Numbers

1:00 am- Jon woke up to eat (after only 4 hours)
3:30 am- Jon woke up again b/c he is stuffy and can't breathe
3:45 am- David wakes up running a fever and asks to sleep with Daddy
4:15 am- Still trying to sooth Jon-Jon, David changes his mind and wants to be with me
4:30 am- David and I are on the couch watching a movie, Jon is finally falling asleep in the swing
6:00 am- David falls back asleep on the couch
7:00 am- Jon wakes to eat breakfast, thankfully David stays asleep

*Currently Jon is awake and David is sleeping (with fever). So, it looks like they will not nap at the same time today... and we'll stay home tomorrow. Now I have that choice to wait to go to the doctor or take them in tomorrow. You know the game, if I wait David will have somthing terrible like strep or ear infections. If I go, it will be just a cold and they can't do anything! Parenting... so much fun, but oh so tiring at times!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I just love this happy baby!

He has been laughing out loud more and more. He started by only laughing at David, but he actually shared a few with me today!

Here is my big boy laughing like crazy in the bathtub! He makes himself laugh all the time :)!

*And just to remember how much David truly loves Jon-Jon... Tuesday at school he saw a lady pushing a stroller just like ours out the door and he began to scream "NO!!! That's my Jon-fen, don't take my bruder!" He was so upset that someone might be taking Jon. It was very sweet and I pray that they always take care of one another!