Sunday, October 26, 2008

11 months

I really can't believe how last Jonathan is growing! I guess it seems like it happens so much faster because he is trying so hard to keep up with "Day-Day" as David calls himself :). Seriously, my boys LOVE each other! They tackle, hug, throw, and giggle together daily. Now that we are starting to have to "discipline" Jon a little (you know, don't touch the T.V. or climb on dangerous things...) David is so protective. Jonathan could care less that we are telling him no, but David will start crying and then Jon starts crying once David is sad! It is too funny. Here are some more fun things to note about our almost 1 year old:

Favorite game: tackling David
Favorite books: Animals on the Farm, Tractors, Goodnight Moon
Favorite food: crackers and his bottle
Favorite toy: anything David is playing with and a ball
Blanket? YES! He sleeps with a special yellow blanket all the time
Paci? Of course!
Cuddle bug? YES! And I LOVE it!
Smile often? yes, and oh it is infectious!
Teeth? 4 (2 bottom, 2 "fangs" on top) and seems to be cutting the top middle
Walking? SO close to taking off...
Sleeping through the night? Yes!
School? He is doing well at FPC. He loves his teachers and they seem to feel the same way :).

*I never posted his 10 month stats so here they are...
Weight: 22 lbs.
Height: 30 inches
Head: 18 3/4 inches

Jonathan is such a happy, sweet, huggable baby! He is dramatic (will lay on the floor with his face down flat and start to cry if he is made/sad) and a risk taker. Jon plays shy if you speak to him, but it is just a flirting game :). He turns his head sideways and smiles with his dimples showing... it melts my heart everytime. We are so in love with him and are thankful for the joy he brings to our lives!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Around here...

Dinner is impossible to make...

...because my boys love to be under my feet (or in the cabinets).

My phone doesn't always work...

...probably because it is Jon's favorite chew toy.

*Teething is brutal
*David is eating us out of house and home
*My house is NEVER really clean

BUT, I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY !!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

For Dr. Bramlett and taking steps...

Strange title, I know. I just wanted to document this little story and I thought Dr. Bramlett (my mom's boss, who is also a a dentist and family friend!) would get a kick out of it... so here is the story of our future dentist.

At school this week, David was playing on the playground with his friends. They include his new bud, Jackson, who is equally as sweet to David as David is to him and they play so well together... and David's "crush" Liza. Liza is a kindergartener who is so precious to David and plays with him on the playground. Well, being an older woman and all, Liza is losing teeth. Specifically her top front teeth. Apparently, she was showing David the "coolness" of a loose tooth and asked him if he wanted to wiggle it. Well, David reached in and pulled instead of wiggled and out popped her tooth! He just stood there frozen and in shock while Liza hugged him excitedly because it was out! She was jumping up and down yelling "thank you, thank you!". David finally kinda smiled and started sharing in the fun. He has been telling everyone he meets all week "I made 'W'iza's toof come out!". Maybe he will be a dentist one day!

And as far as the taking steps goes... Jonathan is officially taking confident steps at 10 months of age. He takes about 3 or 4 before he sits down. I think his motivation is trying to keep up with his big brother, oh he loves "Day" so much! Maybe he will be able to soon!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Go Bayler!

Yeah! Bayler got to come home for a few days today! We are so excited and wish we could see him. Saturday, David told me he wanted to get dressed in full uniform... pads, jersey, helment, "his fastest shoes". When we walked outside to play a little football, he said "Mama, I want to dress up like this and show Bayler I can be a big boy too. You think he'll like this go Gamecocks shirt?". So,we played a little football just for you Bayler Bean!

We are so proud of you and can't wait to see you soon! We love you Bayler!