Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pray for Bayler **UPATED**

**Bayler is scheduled to have surgery Tuesday morning at 7:30am. The doctors will go in and remove the tumor and then we will wait 2 days for the results to know if the tumor is Neuroblastoma or something else. Here are some ways you can pray specifically, and of course you can check out his site as well...

*Comfort for Bayler and the rest of his family. He is brave, but we ask that you pray for a peace BEYOND UNDERSTANDING for Bayler! His family could use the same peace :).
*Wisdom for the doctors as they determine the next steps.

Jon-Jon has his follow-up appointment at the GI doctor Tuesday as well. Therefore, I will be in Columbia and hope to see Bayler following surgery. Pray we have answers as well on Tuesday.

Brittany is doing better, though she is still in a lot of pain. We were able to see her some this weekend and I must say, she is just the cutest little pregnant lady ever :)! She is resting a lot and we hope to meet a healthy Baby Oliver in about 4 more weeks!

Thank you for praying for my family. We are in a place in life that physical healing is a heavy burden. Thank you for sharing that burden with us and praising God, even in the storm!

Here we are again... Bayler got some not great reports today after some scans. They found a tumor on his brain. They are unsure if it is alive or not, but a neurosurgeon is being called in and it looks like they will try to remove it as soon as possible. Please pray that the tumor is not alive and that he can be cancer free soon. We are so sad for this little fighter... however, we trust God will be glorified and Bayler will be healed. Thank you for your prayers!

*Since I have proven myself to be a slack blogger, please feel free to visit his caring bridge site (located on my side bar) and leave him a message!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


*Updated* Brittany is home from the hospital. She and Matt opted not to do anything invasive that could possibly hurt Oliver. She will be working from home part time until she reaches a safe enough date to deliver Oliver, braving the pain with minimal meds. Modified bed rest will hopefully help and she can get some much needed rest for the next few weeks. I told her to sleep now... because when Oliver makes his appearance, she will be shocked at how tired she'll be :)! Thanks for your prayers!

And Bayler goes to clinic today... pray for good results!

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you know I asked for prayer for my family yesterday. I didn't specifically mean just Jon, but we certainly needed prayer as well... here is an update on my little wild man and more prayer requests:

Jon-Jon saw the pediatric GI doctor in Columbia yesterday. I can't say that I was overly assured we are on a way to figuring out what is going on with him, however we ARE taking slow steps in the right direction. He had a complete blood panel taken to check for Celiac Disease, vitamin/mineral deficency, and a few other things. In the mean time (until our visit 2 weeks from now) we are trying probiotics again and this time I am keeping a complete food/stool diary to review on October 6th. He did mention toddler diaherria which sent my blood pressure raging... diapers like Jon's are NOT simply toddler diaherria. Especially when they have been this way for months and months. Anyway, I feel positive about the steps we are taking and hope we can have some answers soon!

Please pray for my sister, Brittany. She is 32 weeks pregnant with little Oliver and it turns out her right kidney is failing. She is having complications with testing and such because she doesn't want to harm the baby. They believe they can put a stint in to buy her some time so Oliver can "cook" a little more... however, she is in a lot of pain and is currently in the hospital so they can manage it and figure out the best options for her and little Ollie. I will keep you updated as I know more. The good news is she lives in Charleston so she has amazing doctors and if Oliver had to come early, his care would be top notch.

And we are always praying for our Bayler. Please continue to pray that the cancer stays away and he thrives as he tries to "get back to normal" soon!

Thank you for praying! We KNOW God is bigger than all of these things and He is in control. Truly comforting... and my life line during times like these!

*These are some pictures from the park yesterday before Jon's appointment. I am tired of seeing my little guy with puffy eyes every time I turn on the computer :).