Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Endoscopy Success!

Here is our little man, full of life and energy! Jon did great during his endoscopy last week. Thanks for praying! He was peaceful and well behaved during the 2 hour wait before his procedure. He could not eat or drink anything, so that was obviously the most difficult part. Children's Hospital (aka, "Bayler's hospital") in Columbia did an amazing job of keeping Jonathan happy and entertained. In addition to the staff, I was so thankful Dee Dee and Mimi were there to help! We will find out the results of the biopsy (of the small intestine & stomach) on Nov. 4th. However, we are happy to report that the pancreas medicine his on seems to be helping! Here are few more resent pictures of our little guy...

He was happy to pose for me, but when school picture day arrived, he told them all "NO" and refused to even sit in the chair!

Look at those cheeks! He doesn't look like a child who has spent months not absorbing nutrients, does he :)?!?

Monday, October 12, 2009

All things medical...

I guess that is what my blog has turned into... something I update when life lends time to do so, which means I mostly just update on who has what appointment next! First things first is Jon. Our follow up appointment to the GI doctor was actually good. We saw the nurse practictioner this time and I really liked her better than the doctor. The short of it is, Jon doesn't have Celiac Decease or a zinc issue. They have determined that he is losing nutrients faster than his body can absorb them, which they believe may have something to do with the enzymes in his stomach/intestines or pancreas. So, we return for an endoscopy on the 22nd. Sadly, they will have to put him to sleep but the procedure is quick. We hope this is the case as you can simply add enzymes through supplements... meaning we are back to eating anything he wants except what he is allergic to! I never thought I would be so happy to ONLY have to cut out dairy, eggs, and peanuts!!! He is enjoying his couscous again :).

Bayler Bean is about to undergo some serious treatments that his doctors in Columbia and specialists from Sloan Kettering in NYC are working on together to offer him. Please keep him in your prayers! We have hope, but the last week has been difficult for his entire family.

Brittany and baby Oliver are still hanging in there... she will be 36 weeks next week and we hope to have an estimated arrival date sometime soon. She visits both her urologist and ob this week!

The rest of us have had our fair share of the flu/strep/tummy bugs, but hope to all be well soon. Then I can post about something other than doctor's visits and treatments! God is good and giving us strength daily... oh, and Wellspring is rocking!!! We LOVE what God is doing here in Myrtle Beach. Hope to post some of those pictures soon (must get them from Beth).