Monday, June 16, 2008

Moving right along...

Well, we haven't sold our house yet but we are in the last stages of packing up to move! We will be staying with Trey's dad in Myrtle Beach until our house sells. So, we have been really busy packing up everything before we go. I have a ton to update... and hope to do so tomorrow if I can get to it before we pack up the computer. In more exciting news, Trey has begun a blog! is the address and I encourage you to check it out. Our friend Bill Jones designed it and I think it is really incredible! Maybe I can get him to update my page a little in the future :).

One last thing before I go pack more boxes... I wanted to document this conversation with David we had on the plane coming back from North Carolina last week. It was the first time he called me by my real name :).

David (looking out the window of the plane): "Hey, Dani, look at the plane!" Then he stopped and looked thoughtfully at me... "Wait, is your name Dani?"

Me (laughing): "Yes, that's my name, but you just call me mommy."

David (nodding in agreement) "Yeah, I know... you're mommy, my mommy."

Oh, I just love him!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


You know how you can't ignore certain things that keep coming up in life? Lately, for me, info on bad plastics (#3, #6, #7 & BPA) have been popping up everywhere! I had done some research but really didn't feel the budget part was working for us. Well, yesterday I ventured into the BabiesRUs in Hurst and happened to overhear a mom talking to a manager about some of her Dr. Brown's products. Turns out they were refunding the bottles at FULL PRICE because of the harmful toxins! I ran home and pulled together $75 worth of used bottles. I returned them and purchased these. I'd like to make a switch to glass (they make really great ones with silicone covers, however we travel so much I don't want to chance the breaking factor). If you want more information, I recommend you check out this site. We are slowly making some headway into making our home much less "toxic"!!!

Jon's thoughts on water in a sippy cup...

"What now mom... and when are you going to get that camera outta my face?!?"

"What IS this cold stuff??? UGH!"

"At least it is great to teeth on..."

*Jon did better at dinner with the sippy cup. David NEVER would drink from one, he went straight to a straw cup so I thought I'd start earlier this time around. And Jon has been super sad today. I don't know if he is missing the action of his big brother or his teeth are really bothering him. We fly to NC for my cousins wedding tomorrow so I hope he feels better in the morning! I miss David so much and I'm counting down the hours til I see my baby again!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Could you tell???

So... to the small number of folks that actually follow our little blog I have a question. Could you tell the difference in the last post?

How about in this picture...
or this one (by the way, he is such a drool monster!)? Can you see the amazing quality of the pictures? It's because my thoughtful, amazing, sweet, wonderful husband got me this...

a Canon Rebel XSI!!!!! And I LOVE it! I have had so much fun taking pictures of Jon and can't wait to take some of David (he is already in SC and we'll join him Thursday). I have always enjoyed taking pictures and wanted it to be a hobby... now I can! Thanks baby, I love my new toy!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Jon at 6 months...

Here are some fun facts about Jonathan at this age:

Height- 271/2 inches (I thought he'd grown more...)
Weight- 19.2 lbs.
Head- 45 cm
Clothing size- 9-12 month
Food- just cereal, we've tried avocado but he's not a fan yet!
Sleep- finally at least 8 hours at night!!!
Gross motor- rolling around like crazy to get to a destination, almost sitting on his own
Fine motor- grabbing objects and sticking them straight into his mouth
Teeth- not yet, but from the amount of drool we think he must be getting one soon!
Personality- SO HAPPY! He is such a joy to be around and just talking to him makes his face light up! He especially loves when David talks and plays with him. He adores his big brother. Jon is pretty go with the flow now and enjoys doing whatever we are doing as long as he can see us :)! We are truly thankful and blessed by this little guy everyday...

*I have a few more pics to add but blogger is being stubborn right now! I will also post a picture of David at this age... it is really fun to see the resemblances and differences with my two boys!