Monday, March 31, 2008

Potty training might be difficult...

but he is still my sweet, wonderful little boy! And even though many of our "two year old days" can be difficult, I'm thankful for every little stubborn bone in his precious body. Oh, how I love him!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

*Update on David

I gave up by lunch time today and just put a "feel and learn" pull up back on him. I felt totally defeated, but we have school tomorrow and I can't send him to torment his teachers all day by wetting 8 times or more. Of course, since I didn't say another word about it he decided to take some control... as I was getting him dressed for bed he said "No! I want to go to the potty." Wahoo! I practically danced to the bathroom. As I was getting ready to sit him on the toilet, he said "No, like daddy." and lifted up the seat... wouldn't you know it, he actually went- a lot! Maybe this will be our new trick :). Standing up is much easier and he could actually do it all by himself. Next time I might even add dish soap so he can make bubbles for fun!!!

4 Months

Jon turned 4 months on Wednesday. He is still growing strong! In fact, he is bigger at 4 months than David was at 6 months! Here are his stats:
*Length: 27" (97%)
*Weight: 16.8 (75%)
*Head: 44 (90%)

Dr. Deitchman said eveything was great! He gave me some stuff for his cradle cap (still there!) and made some suggestions concerning his ezcema. David has it as well, but he didn't have it this young or as much. I can continue to lather him up with lotion or try limiting my dairy. However, I have a hard enough time eating enough calories to keep up my milk supply, so for now I am continuing with the lotion. Here are some other fun facts about Jon at 4 months...

*diaper size: 3 (or medium in cloth)
*sleeping through the night: NOPE!
*Loves to talk to: David! and his toys
*Likes to read: with David
*Favorite toy: exersaucer and bumbo seat
*Favorite food: he really enjoys his cereal and obviously nursing
*He is so happy and rarely cries, unless he wants to tell you something, what a joy!

And just for fun, here is David at 4 months
I can't believe how fast they grow! It seems like yesterday David was sitting the in bouncy chair "talking" to his toys!

Something to smile about...

and it's NOT potty training! Whew, what a weekend. David sure put up a good fight about using the potty and did not once tell me he needed to go. We did make some progress though. He is learning to hold it instead of going whenever he feels the need and he likes his big boy underwear. However, he could care less if he is wet or poopy. And the whole spending a lot of time with him to help him recognize the need to go seemed to backfire too. He just got accustomed to not spending a lot of one-on-one time with me so he didn't want to stop playing to go to the potty. So, we'll keep trying and hopefully he'll be trained by the time he goes to kindergarten :)!
At least one of them in in cloth though... I've started rotating in some cloth diapers while we are at home with Jon (see above picture... I love how cute his tush is in the cloth diaper). I really like using them and have researched a ton about going all cloth. And a special thanks to Gwen and Lori for all your help! Right now we are just doing part time, but I hope to do a little more over the summer. Jon has terrible skin (eczema, rashes) and they seem to help with that. We'll see... To be honest, right now I am pretty tired of bodily fluids and just want to do something other than clean up pee and poop!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Stuff!

O.K. I know I promised more pictures, but I just haven't had the time. And it will be at least a few more days due to the fact that tomorrow we are throwing away all of David's diapers! Thats right, we are having potty training boot camp at our house for the next 3 days!!! I am VERY nervous about it, but feel like we have to do it now. He has been asking to wear big boy underwear for a few weeks, but I keep putting him off because I can't run him back and forth to the bathroom and clean up while nursing Jon and caring for his needs. And just for documentation, David has also been taking his own diaper off (poop or wet) throwing it in the trash, getting a new diaper and bringing it to me. I think he is ready to learn how to stay dry! Wish us luck... if I get to the computer I'll update on his progress. Yikes, I'm so scared!!!

*On another big boy note, David has decided to call me "mom" all the time and uses his most grown up voice when he calls me ;)! I can't believe he dropped "mommy" so fast... where is my baby???

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Some catching up...

Since it has been almost a month since I last posted I have a few things to catch up on... so I'll start with the following. And just to keep you hanging I'll try to post about "coach David" and our trip to SC tomorrow!

First on the list is how much this little guy is growing. He will be 4 months on Thursday and is getting so big. I can't wait to see how much he weights... he is our chunky monkey!

He loves his Bumbo seat, especially if he can see David. He loves his big brother!

This is often where he sits while we eat dinner and he is usually smiling the entire time!

I also did something I said I'd never do after David... start solids before 6 months. However, I am DESPERATE for this big guy to sleep more at night. He didn't love it at first, but tonight he actually ate about a tablespoon.

He still didn't make it all night, but I'm hoping with the introduction he will grow more accustom to eating larger amounts and space out his feedings during the day too.

We had snow here in Texas a few weeks ago. David was so excited to go out and play!

Trey and David had a blast together. David's favorite part of the snow was throwing snowballs and tackling Trey in the snow. He was so sad when we made him come inside... after over an hour of playing!

The boys worked hard to make a snowman...

And here is the finished product!

This is as close as Jon and I got to the snow. I was VERY sick and Jon doesn't own any snow clothes :)!

Our New Blog!

We actually started this new blog in the hospital when Jon was born... I guess that is a little taste of what life is like with 2 small kids! I hope to make more posts here, including a new little element of listing some of the blessings God provides us with everyday... as long as it doesn't begin to take too much time away from the important things in life. Enjoy!

*If you are just joining us and want to see what we've been up to since August 2005, you can access our first blog here!