Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jon Strikes Again!

So... yesterday I had to run into the grocery store for 5 things. I didn't write down the 5 items because one would think a 33 year old, somewhat intelligent, mom to 3 boys could remember such a short list. I had to concentrate. Hard. With 3 boys in tow. All is well until I go to check out with previously mentioned 5 (now 7 because the boys each wanted something that I said "yes" to) items. No wallet. I knew I had put the wallet in the buggy, but now it is gone. First thought? Someone took it. Next thought... Jon.

Me: "Boys, did you see what happened to mommy's wallet?!?"

Jon: "Yes, I made it dis-da-pier." "Wike magic!"

Me: "What!?! Where?!?"

David: "Oh yeah mom, Jon threw your wallet on the floor by the apples (our first stop in the store mind you!) and said it was magic. I don't think it was a very good trick though!"

Thankfully a nice employee was putting out fruit and noticed it lying in the middle of the floor. She turned it in and I was able to pick it up at the service desk.

It will be at least 2 more years before they see the inside of the grocery store again!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This kid...

...might make me lose my mind! Just recently he has...

*drank 1/2 bottle of children's ibuprophen, requiring me to call poison control at 5:30am to find out if he needed to visit the ER. Thankfully, he didn't.
*is on his 3rd case of strep throat this winter.
*only took 3 and 1/2 years to potty train.
*been awake by 4:30am for almost 4 nights straight, ready to start his day. Not cool. At all.

He also makes me laugh harder and feel more loved by...

*saying words like:
bah-bum (bottom)
be-got (forgot)
be-sert (dessert)
I can't spell how he says "Jacob", but it sounds like ketchup.
*he calls me "sweet mama" or "mud-der" (mother), ha!
*just running up and hugging me really tight.

Jon-Jon is a mess and his passion has been in full force lately. What a character! I hope this is not a reflection of his teenage years... I might not make it!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We had a grand day,

with our 3 little,


(the oldest 2 were to busy to sit for pictures!)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Family Night: Dr. Seuss

We had family night again last night. David was sick when our preschool did Wacky Wednesday and celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday so I promised him we would do our own at home. Again, so easy and we all had a blast! My friend Jessica did this with her 3 boys last week so I took her idea for our dessert... cat in the hat, hats!

We dressed WACKY and ate green eggs and ham. My boys LOVE breakfast foods, so there were no disagreements about finishing dinner :)!

We read books during dinner...

and took pictures of the wackiest boys. Trey would have won first prize :).

After dinner we played I Can Do That, which is a cat in the hat game for preschoolers. David received it for Christmas. It's a really fun (not long!) game :). We had a great time together. I love all the sweet boys God has given me!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I want to eat him with a spoon...

He is just the sweetest, happiest little guy! We are so in love!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I just can't believe that Jacob is already 7 months old! The time is really going too quickly. I think I cherish each stage more with him than I did with David and Jon. I regret not taking more time to enjoy their daily life as infants, but I guess realizing how fast it passes just comes with maturity. I LOVE how he completes our family. And I always want to remember how LOVED this little guy is... his brothers both think he is the greatest. And he thinks the same of them. Most days I will find at least one of them making him laugh so hard he gets the hiccups!

Jakey poo is such a GREAT, GREAT baby! He is cutting teeth right now so he has some interrupted naps and LOTS of drool, but other than that he is easy going. His day to day schedule looks like this:

7:00am- nurses, cereal
Goes to Ju-Gi's house to play :)!
AM nap
11:00- bottle (6oz.)
Mid day cat nap in his car seat while I run errands and pick up boys from school
2:00- nurses
Afternoon nap
4:30- nurses
5:30 veggie, fruit
Bath- his FAVORITE!
6:30- nurses
Down for the night!

He can ALMOST sit by himself.
He loves bath time and splashes in the water like a crazy kid!
Rolls everywhere.
"Talks" a lot... much more than David and Jon because Jacob won't take a paci.
Likes food... especially avocado, bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, and pears.
Already likes to drink water from a sippy cup.
Loves to hug and cuddle.
His favorite toy is the exersaucer.
Enjoys strolling.
Often sucks in his bottom lip (see following picture).
Completely ROCKS on Sunday mornings when his whole schedule is disrupted.
His hair is so long on top, if we don't comb it over it covers his eyes.
And he STILL has blue eyes.

Jacob, you are one amazing little blessing. I can't imagine our family without you and we can't wait to see how God uses you to do great things one day. Our prayer is that you love Him more than anything else. We can't wait until you can run around with your big brothers, but secretly we love that you're still the baby. You always will be! We love you so much little man...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Family Night: Karate Kid Style

I've been reading Heather's blog for a while. She does something called Family NIght and I've always wanted to start something like it for the boys. Honestly, I was just waiting for them to get a little older. I've learned (mostly from trying organized sports with kids under the age of 5, ha!) that we have much higher expectations than the kids do when it comes to "special" things. Now that David is older, Trey and I both felt he would really "get" that the purpose of the night was for them to know we care about them, love them, and want to spend time doing things as a family that they would love to do! My one goal for the night was for them to have fun and us spend a few hours together as a family. I think it was a success!

It was actually really simple, cost us no extra $, and we all had a great time. The menu was pizza rolls, fruit, and fortune cookies... all eaten with chop sticks, of course!

I made all of us "karate kid" headbands with our names on them. And for the boys, I cut up some of Trey's old t-shirts to make karate outfits. David has worn his to bed and a birthday party since Friday :)!

Even Jacob joined in the fun!

Trey and I both thought Jon looked a little like the character "Johnny" on the original Karate Kid movie...

And Jon ate EVERY bite with his chop sticks! "HI-YA! Momma!"


After dinner, Trey did a little karate "lesson" with the big boys while I put Jacob to bed. Oh my! They loved it!

"This is fun dad!" -Jon

They had a great time...

Of course, there were tears... I'm not sure why Jon was crying. Maybe Trey let the boys have a real match and David forgot Jon was only 3?!?

After dinner and karate lessons we all sat down and watched the new Karate Kid movie. It was not as good as the original, but David and Jon really liked it.

Can't wait for the next family night!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Puzzle Boy

This kid LOVES to do puzzles! Jon will sit for a while in the evening and do puzzles. He sticks out his tongue and concentrates really hard. So cute!

Mimi gave Jon a set of 4 Thomas puzzles that are his current favorite. He will line them up and make sure all the edges match and make a straight line. This picture is what happens I ask him to smile at the camera... what a stinker!