Sunday, April 10, 2011

David plays ball!

Our little ball player did so well this weekend! I was amazed at the difference in his ability to pay attention and follow the rules this year in comparison to last year. Even his t-shirt fit him! He is getting so big.

"David! Are you goin' to let me play too? I'll show you how to run super fast!"- Jon

Trey was working so he had to meet us at the field. Papa Dock rode with me to help unload our clan. I guess great minds think alike, ha!

Coach Bobby had David show the team how to get ready to hit. David is a great listener and it helps him on the field. This past weekend he played first base, short stop, and behind the pitcher. He had a blast!

Daddy T came to watch one of his 7 grandsons play ball (DeeDee had the stomach flu). Think they will spend a lot of time at the ball field?!? At least Rob and Risha are expecting a little girl soon. We need a little pink in the mix :)!