Monday, January 19, 2009


Bayler is out of surgery and in ICU right now. The surgery went well and from what I understand the doctors were able to remove the tumor from his stomach and also part of his liver. There are still some cancer cells remaining, but the hope is that his treatment plan will take care of what they couldn't remove. That is all I know right now... thank you again for your prayers. We love you Bayler Bean and can't wait until God completely heals you!!!

Pray for Bayler

As I type, Bayler is in surgery to remove his tumors. He has completed 6 rounds of chemo so far and this is a major step in getting him well. Please pray for him today! Pray the doctors are pleased with what they see... he has been so strong during this entire process so far and I am blown away at the strength he shows in day to day life. God is good and we trust Bayler to Him. Thank you for your prayers!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still here...

We're still here, I just haven't had a chance to blog lately... actually, I haven't had time to upload pictures to make a decent post about our amazing holidays! A list of daily things that keep me from posting include:

Jonathan is walking, climbing, wandering everywhere!

We are making drastic changes to our diet due to J's recent allergy results, therefore I am in the kitchen A LOT more.

David is giving "oh, he's 3" a whole new meaning!

Laundry for 4, need I say more?


De-cluttering from the holidays... I just keep saying "one closet at a time".

I don't have a laptop, therefore I must sit at the computer table. My boys don't like that a whole lot.

Reading blogs instead for posting on mine gives me great ideas and makes me wonder what direction mine should go in the future.

Trey is just fun to be with!

*I hope to post soon... keep checking back with us. Aside from sustaining our family and giving us a blessed new year, God is doing amazing things at Wellspring too. You can read more about it by checking out Trey's blog!